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My name     Mario Hakulinen   My Chinese name:  , Ma Ruinan

Born on       29.10.1947 in Helsinki, Finland.

1954-1956   French primary school, Helsinki.
1956-1965   Moving in Rome, Italy and continuing school there.
1965-1968   Professional school in Mikkeli (Mikkelin ammattikoulu), Finland.
1968-1969   Various temporary jobs like teaching on the professional.
            school and electronic equipment repairing activities.
1969-1970   Army service and marriage (one son and one daughter).
1970-1976   Founding of the first local electronic component/service shop 
            (=company name was Mikkelin Elektroniikka, Mario Hakulinen).   
1976-1982   Founding of the Metrex Oy who continuing the activities of    
            the Mikkelin Elektroniikka (Managing & Technical Director).    
1982-1989   Project Manager on fiber optic cable development in the 
            HELKAMA BICA OY ( company located in Hanko, 
1989-1994   Back to Metrex Oy until the company finish to operate.        
            The company activity include also manufacturing of electronic 
            equipment and patch panels for fiber optic cables.           
1994-2000   Setting up consulting company (Microwille) and continuing activities 
            on open information systems, developing and building various
            applications for small business purpose.               
2000-2004   Project Manager (quality and techniques) in Fuzhou, Fujian province, China
            in a Finnish company (Savon Drinks Ltd) producing cider for the Chinese 
2005-2008   Technical consultant in Fuzhou Xingweida Plastic Mold Co., Ltd. 
2009-2010   Translator/interpreter in Fuzhou Ritong Stone Products Co., Ltd.
2010-       Tour guiding in China and abroad.
2011-       Creativity and life coaching / Artist of life
SCHOOL EDUCATION    Professional school 1965-1968 (Mikkelin ammattikoulu). 

MY KNOW HOW  1. Consulting and courses on open information systems. 
             2. Information system logistic 
                - cost effective information systems      
                - data collection
                - information system rationalization projects
                - co-operation projects
                3. Open information standardization projects     
                   - process, documentation, user interfaces
                4. Off-line based multibank applications.    
                5. Designing of electronic equipment.
                6. Fiber optic technology and cables (7 years, 1982-1989)
                7. Technical interpretation Italian/Finnish
                   - 10 years in Rome, Italy (1956-1965)
                8. Creator, developer and applicator. 
                9. 27 years experience on IBM-compatible microcomputers
                   - hardware, software (1982-2009)
                10. Designing and realization of the general purpose text 
                    bases TUOLAS Open User Interface (8 man year project)
                    - TUOLAS concept support computer recycling and
                      can be implemented in cellular phone applications

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LANGUAGES            Finnish, excellent Italian, good English, basic French, Spanish 
                     and Chinese (oral Chinese, no reading & writing)

VISITED COUNTRIES    Europe, Japan, South-Korea, Russia, USA, Colombia, 
                     Brazil, Peru, Vietnam, China, (in total 26 countries).

HOBBIES              Writing aphorism, creative thinking, music, riding bicycle,  
                     swimming, table tennis, nature and computers.
TELEPHONE            Mob. +86 1370-5058-567    

Fuzhou 2015-04-11

Mario Hakulinen
Ma Ruinan

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